In Q2 of 2012, Apple managed to grab 84 percent of Mobile PC shipments. Tablet markets will remain strong in the year 2013

NPD DisplaySearch has released a report which says that Apple accounted for 84% of the mobile PC shipments in the second quarter of 2012. This became possible due to the success of Apple’s iPad. LG is leading the mobile PC shipments in the year 2012.
According to OEM, the Apple’s success in the market of mobile PC shipments is due to the rise in production of iPad 2 and iPad 3.the new iPad or iPad 3 was launched in the first quarter of 2012 after which its productions had to be increased due to increase in demand.The iPad 2 productions also boost up due to increase in its demand following the reduction in its price. It seems that recently iPad 2 is very popular among consumers as it contributed a major portion to the sales of iPad in the year 2012. But this is not certain because the company does not reveal its sales of individual device models while reporting their quarterly sales.

According to NPD, in the year 2013 the competitors of Apple will look forward to build stronger relationships with ultra slim PCs and touch notebooks. Jeff Lin, an analyst at DisplaySearch said that Samsung will try to decrease the Apple’s display manufacturing shares. They will add other customers like Noble, Barnes and Amazon in order to diversify their efforts.

NPD has predicted after the end of 2012, the growth of notebook PCs will be about 2% and there will be a fall of 28% in the category of mini-notebook year over year. It is expected that the growth of tablet will rise to about 75%. NPD has also predicted that in the year 2013, there will be a rise by 16% in the notebook PC shipments. It seems that Apple will play a key role in this growth but it will be interesting to see that whether other OEMs will have any effect on shipment volume.

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