SMSRemind: Hack Adds ‘Remind Me Later’ Feature For Messages


In iOS 6, Apple added some cool and much needed call management features to the Phone app such as the ‘Reply with message’, ‘Remind me later’ and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature.

A new hack allows you to add a feature like ‘Remind me later’ for text messages.

The tweak was originally a concept made by Joshua Tucker and later brought to life by Jonathan Bailey.

Here’s how Tucker describes the working of the tweak:

We’ve all encountered a situation where we forget to respond to a text message from someone. Myself included. Here’s a potential solution (concept).

In a conversation in Messages, hold down on a specific message to reveal the “Remind” option. Tapping it gives you the option to set a reminder for the following times:

– 1 minute
– 5 minutes
– 15 minutes
– 1 hour

(and of course there’s a Cancel button at the bottom)

Upon selecting a time, a notification bulletin will be added back into the Notification Center and will re-alert (banner or alert depending on your setting) after the allotted time.

The implementation’s really neat, and feels as if it’s a native part of iOS. The reminder that’s created is linked to the specific conversation in the Messages app, so you can simply tap on the reminder to be taken to the app.

Sadly, the tweak isn’t available on Cydia yet, but the developer has made the binary installer (a .deb file) available on Github which you can easily installing using iFile.

  • Just head over to this URL on your iPhone in Safari, hit “Open in” and select iFile.
  • Once iFile opens, tap the “Installer” button and the tweak would automatically be installed for you.
  • In case you decide to remove the tweak later on, you’d find it listed in the Packages section of Cydia, and you can uninstall it just like any other tweak.

Here’s a brief video showing the installation procedure as well as the demo of how the feature works:

Let me know how it goes and what you think of the hack in the comments below.

Via: Dribble

jLauncher: A Sleek New App Switcher Alternative For Jailbroken iPhone

jLauncher is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to replace the app switcher and allow users to get the most out of multitasking according to the developer-John Corbett.

In iOS, when you double-click on the Home button, the app switcher or the multitasking bar appears at the bottom, showing the most recently used apps. You can swipe the bar to the left to see more apps, swipe the multitasking bar from left to the right to see the audio playback controls along with the orientation lock and swipe again from the left to the right to see the volume control and the AirPlay button.

jLauncher replaces this with all the controls in one screen with a translucent background along with the brightness control and date & time so you don’t have to waste time scrolling.

You can invoke jLauncher using an Activator action. We like the way jLauncher slides in from the edges. The jailbreak tweak has a native look and feel to it, so it doesn’t feel out of place compared to the other app switcher alternatives.

One downside of the jailbreak tweak is that, it doesn’t currently allow you to kill an app from the list of recently used apps, so you will still need the iOS app switcher until the developer includes the functionality in jLauncher.

The jailbreak tweak doesn’t provide any configuration options in the Settings app, all you need to do is configure the Activator action to start using it.

You can check out the video walkthrough of jLauncher below and let us know what you think:

jLauncher is available on Cydia for $1.99. It requires iOS 5 or higher.

If you’re looking for app switcher alternatives, check out Multifl0w, MissionBoard Pro, Dash, Aero, Switchy before buying jLauncher.