Just Mobile Encore Stand – Gear Review


Cruising down the highway in the passenger seat, I was all set to break out my laptop on this very long (very boring) road trip and get to a bit of work. That is, until I opened the box of the Encore stand our friends at Just Mobile sent over for us to try out. First impression: whoa. Flipping back the lid of the sleek black box, the first thing you may notice is how simple and elegant the design of this stand is. It is a round base, and hinged arm- no fuss, no superfluous gadgetry- just elegant, well designed, and beautiful. And it now sits on top of the laptop I was going to use, propping up my iPad as I type away


The base, a perfect circle, is solid and stable. Through the bumps and occasional deft maneuvers being made by the aggressive driver of a friend I’m sitting next to, this stand hasn’t budged a millimeter. Weighted in solid aluminum with an oxidized matte finish, the color actually matches spot on with my Macbook, a subtle but clever design decision. The bottom of the base and the edge around the top where the stand comes into contact with the iPad are covered in heavy duty rubber, so there is no chance of this scratching your tablet.

The arm, adjustable for comfortable viewing or typing, is completely covered in the same heavy duty black rubber, also protecting your iPad from scratches. It is fitted quite tightly and takes a good tug to put it exactly in place, but I appreciate the sturdiness and quality of the hinge.

The simplicity of the design here actually lends this stand to be about as flexible as it could be for holding your tablet in a variety of positions, both in portrait and landscape orientation. I have also tested this with a variety of cases, and this seems to have no problem supporting any.


What I like: This case is well designed, elegant, durable, and stable. Folded up, it would fit neatly into a small pocket in my purse or backpack. The materials- solid aluminum and heavy duty rubber are also durable and we are pleased there is no plastic in this stand. Even with these materials the stand overall is quite lightweight.

What I didn’t like: This stand is not a docking station, and while charging you’re iPad while using it doesn’t interfere with the performance at all, that could have potentially been a nice feature.

To buy or not to buy: This is probably the best stand I’ve tried to date. If your in the market, it’s portable, made of high quality materials, and sturdy. You can’t ask for much more.

  • Accessory Name: Encore
  • Category: iPad Stand
  • Company: Just Mobile
  • Colors: Aluminum and Black
  • Price: $59.99
  • Score: