2012 The Best Of Games Pt. 1

It’s about that time when I start thinking about which game will be crowned as my game of the year. 2012 has had some shining moments for gamers and even boasts the addition of two new consoles to our repertoire, Sony’s Vita and Nintendo’s WiiU. However there’s not one that has clearly led the way and several who weren’t initially on my radar that came out of nowhere and just blew my mind.

Over the course of a few articles I would like to discuss some of my favorites before I decide on that one game that gave me the most entertaining experience this year. At this point I’m not even sure what game I would consider GOTY but interestingly my best of 2012 is radically different from what I thought it would be and for the first time includes a PSN only title.

The first game that I will mention came out in February but has still held on to being one of my favorites of 2012, The Darkness 2. While I enjoyed the first game it was nothing compared to its sequel. Back in the lead is our favorite anti-hero Jackie Estacado, a mob boss who possesses a supernatural power known as the Darkness. Jackie struggles with the grief of having lost his beloved girlfriend Jenny as well as keeping his supernatural powers at bay but a failed hit on his life sets the motion of the events of The Darkness 2 in place.


The game is a first person shooter but the supernatural twist and slight role-playing elements gives the game a unique edge. The look of the game is also stunning and achieved with a cel-shading technique that gives it a style that compliments its graphic novel origins. Gameplay is smooth and responsive and a big improvement over the first game. And who doesn’t love a game that offers you the ability of quad-wielding weapons.

In the end I feel the story suffered a little from the not so perfect conclusion thus keeping The Darkness 2 from the coveted game of the year title but even still it was a worthy game and one that earned a spot on my best of 2012 list. So geeks, as another year comes to a close which games were your favorites or not so favorites of 2012?