Analyst predicts Apple to phase out iPad 2 to simplify product line for ‘iPad mini’

“Apple is bucking industry trends and outperforming its peers by creating its own growth through hardware and software innovation – an aggressive strategy that one analyst believes could lead to Apple phasing out the $400 iPad 2,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Rob Cihra with Evercore Partners said in a note to investors this week that he sees Apple phasing out the current iPad 2, because Apple’s overall vision calls for ‘clearer product tiers,’” Hughes reports. “The prediction comes as Apple is expected to lower the barrier to entry of its iPad lineup by unveiling a new, smaller iPad next Tuesday.”

Hughes reports, “Cihra believes Apple will sell around 7 million so-called “iPad mini” units in the December quarter. Along with the full-size iPad, he sees Apple selling a total of 26 million units in the holiday shopping season.”

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