TypingPrivacy Disables iMessage Typing Indicator, Prevents People From Seeing When You’re Typing

You may have noticed the chat bubble “…” in the Messages app when someone is composing a new message or replying to your message.

Personally, I like the feature as it is nice to know that the person I’ve just sent a message is responding to it.

TypingStatus, a new jailbreak tweak makes it even better by allowing you to see when someone is typing you a message by displaying the indicator in the status bar.

But, recently couple of readers sent us an email asking us if there was a way to prevent someone from knowing when they’re typing a message in the Messages app.

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t allow you disable this feature. But the great thing about jailbreaking is that we could point them to a tweak that allows them to just that. So I thought of sharing it with you folks as well.

The jailbreak tweak is aptly called TypingPrivacy and it prevents someone from knowing you’re typing a message.

The jailbreak tweak adds a toggle called “Send Typing Notifications” in the Settings for the Messages app (Settings app -> Messages). You can disable this toggle to turn off the typing indicator.

Interestingly, I found that it doesn’t work if you’ve TypeStatus installed, so it overrides this hack.


TypingPrivacy is available for $0.99. If you’re on a jailbroken iPhone then you can click on the download link below to purchase and install the tweak.

What do you think of TypingPrivacy? Do you think Apple should add the option that allows us to enable or disable this feature? Let me know in the comments.

Download link

Popular jailbreak software Cydia hits 14m monthly users on iOS 6, 23m on all devices

jail 520x245 Popular jailbreak software Cydia hits 14m monthly users on iOS 6, 23m on all devices

Fans of customizing iPhones and owners of the iPhone 5 got a huge boost when the popular jailbreak tool evasi0n launched for iOS 6 in February. One month on, downloads continue to rain in as Cydia — the alternative software that it provides access to — passed 14 million active monthly users on iOS 6.x devices, and 23 million overall.

To quickly explain evasi0n and Cydia to those that aren’t familiar with it. Cydia is arguably the most powerful alternative marketplace for Apple-centric devices. It provides users with a choice of applications, tweaks and modifications that help extend the capabilities of their device and overcome the limitations Apple sets. Evasi0n is one of a number of jailbreak tools which, when installed, enables device owners to access Cydia.

The figures themselves don’t directly relate to evasi0n, but it is likely to be responsible for the lion’s share of iOS 6 users — since it is the most prominent tool for the platform — and a large percent of the other users are likely to have downloaded it too. Eagerly awaited, it hit 7 million downloads after just four days.

The new figures, come from a member of the evad3rs – the team that develops evasi0n — and are via Cydia-creator Jay Freeman (@saurik), who has also validated them.

New statistic from @saurik: 14,051,500 unique devices have been seen running Cydia on iOS 6.x! 14 millions! and 23 millions any version.

– pod2g (@pod2g) March 2, 2013

The numbers are impressive but it is worth remembering that they come after one month of evasi0n’s launch. There’s no guarantee how many of these users — a lot of whom could be first time jailbreakers curiously drawn in by the noise around its release — will continue to use it beyond their early experience.

Equally, to give some context, Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones in its first fiscal quarter of 2013, so the number that choose to override its software is still relatively low.

It could get proportionally lower still since Apple is reported to be working on a new patch that will fill a number of the holes that evasi0n exploits, thus making it inoperable on devices that install the update once it is released. That’s according to evad3rs member David Wang (@planetbeing) who spoke to Forbes on the subject.

Far from defeated, Wang says the team will start over if the Apple update — which he believes will come out in around a month — does prevent the latest version of evasi0nfrom working.

“If they patch most of the bugs,” Wang says, “Then we’re starting from scratch.”

What is for sure, however, is that evasi0n has made jailbreaking a more mainstream activity than ever before, even with iOS 6.

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jLauncher: A Sleek New App Switcher Alternative For Jailbroken iPhone

jLauncher is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to replace the app switcher and allow users to get the most out of multitasking according to the developer-John Corbett.

In iOS, when you double-click on the Home button, the app switcher or the multitasking bar appears at the bottom, showing the most recently used apps. You can swipe the bar to the left to see more apps, swipe the multitasking bar from left to the right to see the audio playback controls along with the orientation lock and swipe again from the left to the right to see the volume control and the AirPlay button.

jLauncher replaces this with all the controls in one screen with a translucent background along with the brightness control and date & time so you don’t have to waste time scrolling.

You can invoke jLauncher using an Activator action. We like the way jLauncher slides in from the edges. The jailbreak tweak has a native look and feel to it, so it doesn’t feel out of place compared to the other app switcher alternatives.

One downside of the jailbreak tweak is that, it doesn’t currently allow you to kill an app from the list of recently used apps, so you will still need the iOS app switcher until the developer includes the functionality in jLauncher.

The jailbreak tweak doesn’t provide any configuration options in the Settings app, all you need to do is configure the Activator action to start using it.

You can check out the video walkthrough of jLauncher below and let us know what you think:

jLauncher is available on Cydia for $1.99. It requires iOS 5 or higher.

If you’re looking for app switcher alternatives, check out Multifl0w, MissionBoard Pro, Dash, Aero, Switchy before buying jLauncher.

FlagPaint: Jailbreak Tweak Changes Color of Banner Notifications Based on The App

We’ve seen a number of jailbreak tweaks that allow you to change the font and color of the banner notifications, but a new jailbreak tweak called FlagPaint takes things to the next level by dynamically changing the color of the banner notifications based on the app.

So here’s how it works: If you get a banner notification for an iMessage, the color of the banner notification becomes green, if you get a banner notification for Twitter, the color of the banner notification becomes blue and so on.

The jailbreak tweak makes the background of the banner notification transparent by default, which can be disabled via the Settings app (Settings -> FlagPaint).

You can also remove the icon of the app from the banner notification or change the alignment of the text via the Settings app (Settings -> FlagPaint).

Check out the video walkthrough of FlagPaint below:

FlagPaint is available on Cydia for $0.99. If you use color labels in Gmail, you will dig this jailbreak tweak as it makes it easier to identify the banner notification is for which app by just looking at the color.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.