5 Gadgets You’ll Want In Your Garden During Summer If You Have Decking






In summer it’s great relaxing on your decking as often as possible because you have to take advantage of the sun while it’s there. If you have decking and you want to turn it into a nice place to spend time during summer we’re going to look at a few gadgets that will help you do it.

Wall Mount Misting Fan

Maybe you don’t need to run inside straight away during summer when it gets too hot. If you’re sitting outside on your decking the sun can sometimes get unbearable, but if you attached a misting fan to your wall you will be able to keep cool and it would help you relax at the same time. This one from Advanced Misting Systems is built to last and it’s not going to break if you use it outdoors. Once it’s installed you’ll never have to worry about feeling too hot ever again.

Outdoor Gas Heater

Now we’re going to look at the exact opposite of the last gadget because instead of keeping you cool it will actually keep you nice and warm. When you’re sitting outside you won’t want to go in as soon as the sun disappears, but once it goes away it might start to get cold. When you have a patio heater you’ll be able to turn it on as soon as it starts to get chilly and you will be able to stay outside for as long as you want. It has a simple push button ignition system and you can change the temperature by turning a knob.

Wide Expanse Water Broom

I know you won’t want to spend time on your decking if it’s dirty, so you’ll need to clean it regularly during the summer months. You might not end up with as much mud on it as you would during winter, but it will still need cleaned because it will be getting used so much. This amazing water broom will help you clean it a lot easier because it will spray water out as you’re brushing. Using this cool gadget means you won’t need to get the power hose out until after winter.

Solar Crackled Globe Light

The sun will stay out a lot longer at night during summer, but what will you do at the weekend when you want to sit outside until later on in the night? You’ll need to find a light source from somewhere and these solar globe lights will be perfect. Just sprinkle one or two of them around your decking and they’ll make sure you can stay outside once the sun waves goodbye. They will come on by themselves once they detect the sun has gone and they will also charge up during the day.

Solar Charging Patio Umbrella

This is one of the coolest gadgets you’re likely to see because it’s turned a conventional product into something much more high-tech. At first you think it’s just an umbrella you can sit under when you’re working so the sun doesn’t affect your ability to see your computer screen, but because it’s solar powered you’ll be able to charge your laptop while you work. You can obviously charge lots of other electronics and it will come in handy when you’re playing around with your gadgets while on your decking.

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, Everything Exterior, decking installers in Edmonton. She enjoys participating in art and graffiti competitions. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.






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