Concept the flexible sensor in the form of a film

A technology the flexible sensor attract received increasing attention from researchers. Take a look at your smartphone or tablet. Note, that the camera is mostly behind the gadget. Yet there are also front camera. But it already looks quite monotonous, and it seems unlikely that will have to come up with something new. But this is not the case. It would be much better and more convenient, if the camera was in the display itself.
Researchers at Johannes Kepler University in Austria have developed a flat, flexible, transparent coating on the screen, which functions as a camera. This resin sheet with fluorescent particles in it. When the light falls on one of these particles, it emits a characteristic burst of light at a specific wavelength. Sensors, surrounding the display (located on the panel of the screen) watching these outbreaks, and by measuring their relative brightness, can locate the flash on the screen.

Future technology Concept the flexible sensor in the form of a film

Connect enough of these outbreaks, and you can re-create the image. A prototype of the screen has while only a resolution of 32 x 32 pixels, and all in black and white colors. With the creation of better software and better sensors, researchers are confident that they can significantly improve the resolution. And the use of multiple layers, each of which fluoresces at its specific wavelength, will allow you to create a color photograph with a high dynamic range.
Due to the flexibility of the material, his can be used, for example, as an input device on curves objects. And it looks like this is a good technique for arranging their own smart home – snapped his fingers, and wallpaper based on a flexible sensor changed color and pattern, and when you look in the mirror in the morning, it can capture your image and analyze it, giving any useful advice.

Future technology Concept the flexible sensor in the form of a film

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