Report: Foxconn is recruiting 20,000 workers for next iPhone production, facing strikes

According to reports from The China Morning News (by way of MICGadget), Foxconn is in the midst of a large hiring drive, hoping to increase numbers by 20,000 for production of the new iPhone in Taiyuan of the Shanxi Province in Northern China.

Foxconn in Tai Yuan is now constructing a new base for iPhone 5 production. The company is now in want of around 20,000 workers.

Mr. Yu, an insider at Tai Yuan Foxconn, says that the organization nonetheless has tons of openings, particularly front-line workers. “As lengthy as they meet the basic standards, (we’ll) take as numerous as feasible.”

Offered Apple’s prominent position in the business, Foxconn has made iPhone production its foremost priority in mainland China. Mr. Yu says that Foxconn gets about 85% of the total order of iPhone five, which translates into about 57 million units per year.

A single reason for heavy and probably unforecasted recruitment demand may be a strike that is at present happening at the plant. According to a separate report, workers left their machines and took to the streets more than compensation. We are not going to pretend to comprehend the complexities involved, but it would seem the workers had been promised a raise ahead of the next iPhone production and may not have received all that they asked for.

An entry-level worker at Foxconn is normally paid 1,550 yuan (US$ 245) per month, rising to to 1,800 yuan (US$ 285) per month following three months. When bonuses and overtime spend are included, a worker could typically earn amongst 2,200 and three,500 yuan (US$ 345-$ 550) a month.



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