Jam Away With These Unique Bluetooth Speakers

More than almost anything in the world, I love music. And I love how versatile Bluetooth speakers are, and that they are so portable and easy to use. It’s important for a Bluetooth speaker to be durable, since they’re so often used while on the go. Here are some of my favorites.

speeCup ($129.95)

This Siri/S voice-activated speaker relies on voice and gestures to communicate what you want. At 8-inches tall and as wide as a medium to-go cup, it easily fits into the cup holder in a car, takes up a small amount of space on your counter or desk, and even fits inside a water bottle holder on a bicycle. The sound quality is great and I love the portability of this speaker.

Black speeCup

Red speeCup

White speeCup

Rugged rukus ($99.99)

This solar powered speaker from Eton will charge your smartphone as it plays. It can be powered by battery, AC, or solar power. The Rugged rukus is splash proof and has an IPX-4 rating of 2. There are loops for a carabiner at the back of the speaker, making it truly portable so you can wear it on a backpack.

Rugged rukus

Jam Party ($119.99)

This wireless Boombox comes in four colors (yellow, blue, pink, or gray) and includes two stereo speakers. The handle on top makes it easy to carry and it provides 12 hours of play off of one charge. At 7.5″ wide, this speaker is small enough to fit into a cargo pocket or tossed into an overnight bag.


These Bluetooth speakers make it easy for anyone to carry their music or podcasts on the go. They’re great gifts for teens, as they are durable and can be easily carried on a bike, strapped to a backpack, or tossed into a bag.

What’s your favorite Bluetooth speaker?


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