GenTech Accessory Set for your iphone 4 / 4S Black LifeProof Cases, Included is a Adapter,Black Screw, Screw keeper and Black Dock Extender. All Perfect Fitting Replacements

  • This Set is perfect for LifeProof iPhone 4 / 4S case users, This dock extender allows you to plug and play on your iHome and many other docks without needing to take off your case each time.
  • Works with all iPhone 4 iPad and iPod LifeProof cases (not for iPhone 5)
  • Screws into your LifeProof case, keeping it completely sealed, Perfect replacement or back-up adapter that will help keep your case waterproof if lost.
  • Premium gold-plated connectors for optimal sound and corrosion resistance
  • Silicon rubber o-ring and precision threads make for a watertight seal

General Use Headphone Adapter for your LifeProof iPhone 4, iPad or iPod case. If you’ve lost or damaged the original adaptor that came with your LifeProof case, this is the perfect replacement. It’s also great for keeping a few spares around – in the car, in the purse, in the backpack or anywhere you’re likely to plug in and turn on.

Price: $19.99


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