Pure i-20 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

  • Maximum audio fidelity via coaxial S/PDIF and optical TOSLINK digital audio outputs plus stereo RCA connectors for analogue audio;High quality video output via component, composite and S-video sockets
  • Conveniently charges iPod / iPhone while docked;Supportive high back allows easy manual control of iPod / iPhone while docked
  • Clearsound digital end-to-end technology extracts the raw digital audio and processes it on the dock for high quality digital output
  • Superior quality audio DAC for stereo RCA outputs

The pure i-20 is a next-generation digital ipod dock that helps you get the best from your digital music collection by producing hi-fi quality audio from your ipod or iphone. One of the first things you will notice about the pure i-20 when you start to use it is that the audio coming out of the i-20 is significantly louder than the audio via the ipod headphone socket. This is because audio is extracted digitally and processed on the dock itself providing significant volume and clarity improvements over older ipod docks. the hi-fi quality audio is produced from high bit rate tracks on your ipod or iphone using pure clearsound? digital end-to-end technology and a superior 24-bit 192 khz digital-to-analogue converter (dac) for its analogue output. if you want the best quality audio out of your iphone or ipod this is the device to choose. The pure i-20 is compatible with all powered speaker systems with an auxiliary input and now has a wealth of new connections. The red and white stereo rca connectors give analogue output meaning the audio will be processed on i-20?s integral dac providing a better audio experience on your radio/hi-fi with a standard 3.5mm line input. There are also two digital outputs; coaxial s/pdif and optical toslink bypassing the integral dac allowing the raw digital audio to be processed on your hi-fi amplifier. Movies tv and music video purchased from the itunes store can be outputted at 576p for display on your tv. Simply dock a compatible ipod/iphone in the i-20 and connect to the tv using the supplied component video cable via a 3.5mm video output socket supporting both s-video and component video. Alternatively a composite video cable can be used in the yellow rca connector (composite cable available separately). This means you can watch your favorite programs on the big screen! don?t forget the audio content will still be played via the audio cables through whichever output device you have connected them to e.G. The tv your hi-fi or anoth…

Price: $99.00


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