Zeetron Iphone 4 Premium Replacement Charing Port Dock Assembly Black (Includes Speaker, Microphone, Home Button Flex, Antenna, Charging Flex) + Tool Kit & Screw Mat + Zeetron Microfiver Cloth + Screen Protector for Cdma/verizon/sprint

  • Compatible only with the iPhone 4 CDMA/VERIZON/SPRINT
  • Full assembly charge port replacement piece
  • Contains the entire bottom portion of your device (speaker, microphone, wifi flex, antenna, home flex)
  • Premium tool kit with a screw mat included.
  • Screen protector and Zeetron microfiber cloth included

This is a replacement bottom dock for your iPhone 4 CDMA/VERIZON/SPRINT. It contains the following: home flex, speaker, microphone, antenna, and wifi flex) A premium tool kit is included with a screw mat. The screw mat will allow you to properly place the screws throughout your repair. A screen protector and a Zeetron microfiber cloth is included in this kit. This kit provided everything you need to repair your charger flex.

Price: $16.99


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