ESR Animal Kingdom Series Hard Clear Back Cover Snap on Case for iPhone 5C (Lepoard)

  • This unique design integrates animal skin patterns in a crystal clear polycarbonate material giving you protection that is superior to other covers. Screen protector included
  • Impeccable molding and cuts form a perfect fit which easily snaps on or can be easily removed along with leaving every port and connection available
  • Has a Slim and snug fit that can easily be removed without making your phone bulky. Cutouts are available for all ports and connections
  • High quality polycarbonate material is environmentally-friendly, flexible and exceedingly durable so you don’t have to worry about cracks or dangerous chemicals. Each rim has a smooth shape preventing any scratches or damages to your iPhone 5C when cover is put on or removed
  • Coated with advanced and body-friendly UV curing adhesives, it makes the surface of the already strong shell easy to clean and prevents scratches so fingernail marks are a thing of the past. This coat will make the case look brand new even after longer periods of use

The ESR Animal Kingdom Series is a durable snap on case that has been constructed with high quality materials designed to turn heads when others see your iPhone 5C. The crystal clear polycarbonate case expresses style in an exclusive and artistic way by using the original colors of an iPhone. Each pattern combined with an iPhone’s original color presents a very cute and unique look. With different options an iPhone 5C can have the skin of a cow, giraffe or leopard. The polycarbonate shell has a coated surface that is scratch resistant. With this quality scratch resistant coat, fingernail scratches are no longer a worry; this also makes it extremely easy to clean. No one wants a big bulky phone which is why the Animal Kingdom Series has been designed to fit snug and remain extremely slim compared to other bulky covers. If you want to protect your iPhone 5C with a slim cover that looks adorable this is what you need!

Price: $18.99


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