iPhone 5 Sparkling Gold Vinyl Wrap – AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon

  • Customizable art for your iPhone 5 that protects from minor scratches
  • Manufactured in Southern California by KELLOKULT (Pronounced kel·lo·cult)
  • Bright colorful print made from high quality vinyl
  • Machine Cut to fit your iPhone 5 precisely and guaranteed not to interfere with other accessories (iTrip, the Dock, Speaker Systems, etc.)
  • Fits iPhone 5 and will NOT void warranties

Here at KELLOKULT, we love our iPhones, and the best thing about them is how everyone’s iPhones are unique. From the various apps we download to the numerous wallpapers we set, we are constantly changing how our iPhones behave and look. So we thought, why can’t the outside be just as unique and flexible? Designed for users who want their iPhones to stand out without weighing it down, KELLOKULT antenna wraps are the perfect highlight to the famous iPhone profile. We love to switch out our wraps all the time, so we were careful in designing it to be simple to remove and replace. The design on every wrap will catch the attention of everyone who sees it, without blocking or interfering with any of your ports or buttons. Your iPhone is as unique as you; with KELLOKULT, everyone will know it.

Price: $14.99


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