Kuteck® Ultra-Thin Glossy Luminous Glowing in Dark Hard Bumper Skin Back Case Cover For iPhone 5S / 5G (Green)

  • This stylish cool luminous iphone 5 5S case is specially designed for iPhone 5 5S fans
  • It is made of high quality PC plastic, and gives you a comfortable smooth feeling when holding your iphone 5S 5G.
  • This luminous high technology brings iphone 5S 5G users to a whole new level.
  • It has never been a better way to show off your iphone 5, and make your iphone 5S 5G stands out from others.
  • This case has to absorb solar energy before it luminates, it can not luminate by itself.

Kuteck Inc. holds federal trademark registrations in the United States for Kuteck® trademark. While Kuteck Inc. has many options available under state and federal law to enforce its rights.


– Color: Green

Package Includes:

1 x High quality Luminous case for iPhone 5S 5G

1 x Front Matte Screen Protector Film


-Accessory only. Phone not included.

Price: $9.99


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