GenTech 2 Black Generic LifeProof Replacement Headphone Jack / Seal / Cap / Cover / Screw for iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C for Lifeproof Cases By GenTech

  • Fits both frē and nüüd for iPhone 5 cases
  • Perfect replacement for the original jack cover
  • Great Price!!!
  • Tight-fit black Jack with waterproof yellow o-ring
  • Perfect replacement jack/cap/plug/seal/screw for your LifeProof cases

Your case’s headphone jack cover is vital to keeping your iPhone 5 sealed from water and dust. If yours needs repair or replacing buy these instead of going without

Perfect fit for both frē for iPhone 5 and nüüd for iPhone 5 cases, the jack cover is a cinch to reinstall. And once it’s in place, you can rest assured that your iPhone 5 is safeguarded from dirt, water and drop

Price: $2.16


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