The Mojo Tech is working and awakening in Moscow

A hotel in Moscow called Radisson Royal hotel is not an inexpensive place to have caviar and blinis. At present It seems like this hotel is the centre of capitalism. This hotel has a very different history.
This hotel was constructed in the year 1957 and was initially named as hotel Ukraina. This remained one of the tallest buildings on this planet for about 23 years. Actually this was one of the nine planned Stalin’s neoclassical skyscraper which were named as Stalinskie Vysotki. The meaning of this name in English is “Stalin’s High Rises”. Out of the nine planned skyscrapers, seven were built. They are also recognized as “The Seven Sisters” or “The Stalin Gothics”This projected started after Stalin said that they have won the war but there are no skyscrapers to see when foreigners will visit Moscow.

After renovation, the hotel Ukraina was reopened 3 years ago. The hotel was renamed as Radisson Royal Hotel. This hotel has thirty eight penthouse apartment and 505 bedrooms. The Skolkovo Foundation was formed in the same year and their aim was to support Russia.

This Foundation aims at changing the perception of Russia from a mineral producing country to a technological country. In Moscow, the Skolkovo Foundation will build a giant business park which will accommodate blue chip global companies and hundreds of start-ups.

Russia does not have a shortage of funds as according to its law all the Russian state companies will have to invest about one percent of their earnings in R&D. for example, gas company Gazprom generated about $4billion in profits.

The Skolkovo will accommodate over seven hundred start ups and it will also attract foreign investment companies like IBM, Cisco, Siemens and Rosneft.

According to the VP External Economic Relations Skolkovo, Conor Lenihan said that they are trying to create a friendly environment where foreign companies will invest their money. This will also create a heritage for Russian children so that they can become entrepreneurs and do not have to leave their own country in search of a good fortune.

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