The Gadget Father – iPhone 5S Screen Protectors Pack of 2

  • 3 Layer Technology Includes: Silicone Layer, Anti Glare UV Layer & Scratch Resistant PET Layer
  • Easy To Apply Screen Protectors Invisible When Applied
  • Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth And Application Card Calender For Easy Application
  • Pack Of 2 Clear Screen Guards For The iPhone 5S
  • Added Protection To Protect And Guard Your Touch Screen From Scratches & Scrapes

Made from the highest quality plastic, this pair of iPhone 5S screen protectors provide durable and reliable protection for the display of the iPhone 5S.

They couldn’t be easier to fit: just peel off the first marked adhesive layer, and place one of the handy iPhone 5S screen protectors gently and gradually over the surface of the touchscreen, to avoid trapped air and the possibility of bubbles.

Once firmly in place, remove the second marked adhesive layer. The screen protector is now firmly fitted!

Once equipped, the screen protector for iPhone 5S guarantees a barrier against damage such as scratches and scuffs, reducing the possibility of damage to the display of the handset.

The iPhone 5S screen protector will also help to reduce dirt, dust and water damage. The soft, flexible surface of the screen protector makes it very easy to wipe clean; even if water or dirt does occur, simply wipe the screen protector down with the provided polishing cloth.

This flexible surface also means that the screen protectors do not interfere with the operation of the iPhone 5S. Despite the increase in protection, they enable the speedy and precise browsing you’ve come to expect from the iPhone 5S – guaranteeing both constant protection and constant convenience!

With handy printed instructions, and a polishing cloth and application card included, this two pack of plastic screen protectors are one of the most convenient ways of protecting the display of the iPhone 5S from damage!

Price: $10.89


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