Amplim (TM) Alloy iPhone 5/5S Pink Aluminum Case: Premium Pink Anodized Aluminum + High Quality PC Hard Case – (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) – Retail Packaging Aug 2013 New Model [Pink]

  • Designed to capture the essence of the iPhone 5 with high quality anodized aluminum alloy material similar to that used in the phone itself, it fits precisely onto the iPhone 5 for a natural, sleek and elegant appearance. Real aluminum, not plastic with metallic paint. All actual product images, no digital color enhancement in Photoshop.
  • Combination of aluminum alloy mid-frame and polycarbonate plastic provides solid strength. High temperature bonding between metal and plastic ensures structural integrity
  • Multi-layer wear and tear protection as the surface of the aluminum alloy is treated with a baking process. In addition, it provides protection against dirt, minor drops and daily wear and tear. To maintain pristine condition; please avoid rubbing the case against hard metals such as keys, coins or knives.
  • Precision-engineered and a state of the art design incorporates three section metal and plastic bonding to retain the mobile phone’s signal integrity without wireless signal degradation. Its slim, form-fitting design with precision molding allows complete access to all buttons and controls plus provides an anti-glare camera lens cutout.
  • NOTE: Genuine Amplim products are shipped by Amazon or by Amplim only. For the authentic product please look for the Amplim logo on your product and packaging.

The Amplim Alloy (TM) for iPhone 5 captures the essence of iPhone 5. The high-quality anodized aluminum alloy brilliantly mimics the iPhone 5’s look. In addition, your iPhone snugly fits inside this natural, sleek and elegant cover. That aside, the aluminum alloy mid-frame and polycarbonate plastic provides the perfect protection for your iPhone. Moreover, the multi-layer wear and tear protection on the aluminum surface and a scratch-resistant layer means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your iPhone. The combination of precision-engineering and state-of-the-art design translates into this beautiful and signal friendly cover that doesn’t disrupt your calls, internet experience and mobile entertainment. Finally, this slim and form-fitting design protects against scratches, minor drops and daily wear and tear so you can flaunt your iPhone 5 without any worries.

Price: $34.99


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