Simplism Japan TR-JGIP5-KNB Jigen Series 3D Textured Cover for iPhone 5 – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – Nureba

  • Rattan: reproduces details of rattan like fiber.
  • Includes cover, display film and cleaning cloth.
  • Realistic look with realistic feel .
  • No deterioration over time like real material.

The Jigen series is a new Simplism range of products that are made in Japan in collaboration with K’s Design Lab Inc. in Japan. They have developed a cutting edge three-dimensional digital data creating system called D3 TEXTURE. Simplism’s designer draws in 2D, and then the 3D model is created and becomes 3D texture. This is how Jigen (meaning “dimension” in Japanese) got its name. D3 TEXTURE can precisely reproduce any unique texture. A piece of cloth or leather for example can be scanned and saved as fine 3D digital data with all of its intricacies. The textures are reproduced on a plastic surface with a very realistic look and feel, enabling us to create original and unique products. Simplism is a designed-in-Japan bran who design and develops product peripherals and accessories for the Apple marketplace. Our logo symbolizes our vision: to design lifestyle enhancing accessories that are as simple as possible – plus something unique to enhance the value of each product.

Price: $34.99


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