Daytona Super Thin (2mm) Aluminum Magnetic Bluetooth Keyboard White Case for Iphone 5

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 5 and 5s models.

Built in Bluetooth 3.0 Technology, GFSK Modulating System, Operation Voltage 3.0-5.0 V, Working Current <5.0 mA, Standby Current 2.5 mA, Sleeping Current 5V/300 mA, Continual Working Time 38 hours, Standby Time 160 Hours, Charging Time 1 hour, Lithium Battery Capacity 80mA, Lithium Battery Life up to 500 Charges, Keyboard size 127x62x8 mm, Keyboard weight 67g, Package weight 173g, Content in the box Aluminum metal Hardshell Case Bluetooth Keyboard, Charging Dock, User manual, USB charging cable, Certification FCC/CE/RoHS

Price: $79.99


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