Abco Tech® Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard iPhone 5 Case – Pink –

  • 1. Rubberized Hard Shell Case-Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard and Hardshell Case for iPhone 5
  • 2. Built-in Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard-It pairs over Bluetooth using wireless connectivity and features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that includes Home and Search buttons.
  • 3. Built-in Lithium Battery-It’s powered by a lithium rechargable battery and is charged via its USB mini B port
  • 4. Conveniently designed to provide quick access to all of Apple iPhone 5’s controls, features, camera, and ports
  • 5. Includes a micro-USB cable to charge the integrated keyboard

Abco Tech iPhone 5 Sliding Keyboard Case

Almost impossibly slim, the Keyboard Case – Backlit Edition is an incredibly thin, form-fitting shell with a fully integrated, slide-out QWERTY keyboard.
Designed to be the perfect compliment to the Apple iPhone 5, the Keyboard easy slides in and out keyboard is smooth and natural.
Your device will further appreciate the Keyboard form fitting metallic shell and secure snap on design. No weird angles, bumps, or protrusions to get in the way. So natural in feel, we call them the perfect pair.
An onboard battery, chargeable by micro-USB cable, with up to 2 weeks worth of charge duration means your Apple iPhone 5 won’t be slowed down by its boddy’s nap time.
Your Apple iPhone 5 will also be proud of its newest improvement; backlit keys make the Keyboard a great partner both day and night.

Bluetooth Specification: Version 3.0
Range of Frequency: 2.4GHz Spectrum
Operation Voltage: 3.7Vdc (Li-ion)
Standby Current: 1mAh
Operation Current: <2.5 mA
Sleep Current: <0.25 mA
Charging period: 2 hours (For the first time, please charge for 6 hours)

Package Contents:
– Abco Tech iPhone 5 Pink Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard Hard-shell Case
– Micro-USB Cable
– Owner’s Manual

Now that you have a buddy, start touching it… 

Price: $99.99


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