Headphone Adapter with Black Jack Cover for iPhone 5 LifeProof Cases

  • YAFAN products are manufactured exclusively for Dixie Superstore under our own strict specifications. Any products offered by other suppliers as Yafan brand are generics made in China, and we are not liable for any deffects.
  • Any products offered directly from Hong Kong or China with Free Delivery will be shipped via China Post, with a tracking number which is not trackable at all, and will take 20-30 days to get to you if you are lucky. In case of returns or exchanges, you have to ship them back, check with your local Post Office about shipments to China.
  • Some suppliers offer FREE SHIPPING, the catch is that you have to buy at least $25.00. When you buy from us you see what you pay, no gimmicks.
  • YAFAN adapters are manufactured with top quality materials, superior welding, all metallic parts are corrossion resistant.
  • The Yafan headphone adapters have been redesigned to fit both Authentic and Fake cases

YAFAN BRAND Headphone Adapter with Black Jack Cover for iPhone 5 LifeProof Case
After Market Item not Lifeproof OEM – No Lifeproof Logo

Listen to music or chat to your friends with a General Use Headphone Adapter. This adapter allows you to plug in your apple or third-party headphones while keeping your device completely LifeProof. This means that splashes, rain, mud, dirt, and sweat are no problem. Designed for adventurers, the General Use Headphone Adapter is an ideal companion for all your adventures.

Price: $7.10


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