Motorola Xoom on Verizon 4.0.4 ICS update heading your way now

We’ve been endeavoring to bring subscribers all the most up-to-date developments with regards to Android ICS updates to help devices for different carriers and for several manufacturers. We understand how many of you’ve been waiting for a few Motorola devices to receive the revise and today if you’re a Motorola XOOM upon Verizon owner there’s nice thing as the ICS revise rollout is about to start out, with a get started date with June 5.Not too long just as before we offered news of the Verizon device roundup for the Ice Cream Meal update plus the XOOM was posted to receive a update in Q2 so Motorola as well as Verizon have were able to stick to the envisioned timeframe. The Android 4.3.4 ICS revise will bring many really nice improvements and the most important will be improvements on the Launch Clubhouse, the Usage Center (assisting you to keep track of data usage), the Notice Pop Up Common box and Directories.Other upgrades according to Android Core, sourced from Verizon, are that will some complaints about 4G LTE upgrades have already been fixed, you can find policy developments for Exchange/Activesync, any fix for Expert advisors security, a contact search, up to date People iphone app and updated browser. Some.0.Five ICS update will likely offer better text input, improved balance, a redesigned App launcher, to be able to launch you from the lockscreen, built-in Photo Editor in the Art gallery app and a lot more.As we said, this software improve (IMM76) will rollout slowly but surely from May 4 so be patient road directions of every be getting it in the near future. If you want to weight and dimensions the over-the-air (OTA) up-date to see if it’s develop into available to you soon after June Several then go for you to Settings>About Table>System Update. The particular update will be 107.9MB in size according to The Verge.Do you think you’re waiting for several.0.Several ICS update to make your Verizon Motorola Xoom supplement? When you obtain the update, contact us if the method went well and also what you consider about the alterations to the OS through sending the comments.

Motorola Xoom

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