Soundfreaq Sound Rise SFQ-05 Wireless Speaker with Alarm Clock

Arriving only ahead of the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, Soundfreaq’s Sound Rise is your increasingly amazing speaker firm’s first venture into alarm clock docks. Offering Bluetooth wireless music streaming at a cost point under any Bluetooth-enabled wall clock we’ve seen via iHome, Sound Rise preserves the actual distinctively boxy loudspeaker cabinet and also slanted base kind of earlier Soundfreaq sound systems, while adding a brightly lit clock right above a classic 30-pin iPod, iPhone, as well as iPad boat dock. Three audio system and twin alarms are included, rogues with day/weekday/weekend options, and backlit feel controls bring the on-device software. An iphone app will offer further functionality, even though a rear-mounted Universal series bus port and rubber boat dock cover enable you to provide asking for power regarding devices with no Apple’s older Dock Connector.

SFQ 05 Wireless Speaker 01

SFQ 05 Wireless Speaker 02

SFQ 05 Wireless Speaker 03

SFQ 05 Wireless Speaker 04

R2-D2 Suitcase

Here at GeekAlerts we love R2-D2 and anything styled in their honor. Obviously so do the actual designers with Salvador Bachiller. While not technically licensed, therefore no standard Star Wars R2-D2 name, this particular rolling luggage looks enough like that android for us in order to call it a good R2-D2 Suitcase.Produced from rigid plastic-type, the baggage features zipper closure, several wheels for 360 degree switching, an adjustable take care of, and mixture lock. Appears like this stylish suitcase offers everything yet R2′s whistles and beeps…

R2 D2 Suitcase 01