Facebook is testing Twitter-like trending topics on its News Feed

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Facebook is testing Twitter-like trending topics and some users can find it on their News Feed. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, a section module will appear at the top right-hand side of the News Feed displaying popular topics being discussed. Each listed topic is based off of hashtags, which the social network started supporting in June.

It’s unknown whether this new feature will ever see the light of day as some items that Facebook tests eventually get shuttered. A company spokesperson told WSJ, “Right now it’s only available to a small percentage of US users and it is still in the early stages of development.”

Facebook Tests “Trending” Section in News Feed (WSJ)

Photo credits: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Facebook Trending Topics via The Wall Street Journal

Facebook Introduces A ‘New Type of Gift Card’

If you’re still desperate to get that Facebook acquaintance something for their birthday or some kind of anniversary, the Social Network has instituted a new way to give. You’ll be able to pick up gift credit for the likes of Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora and Target, plucking what you’d like from the “gift cards and digital” category inside the existing Gifts tab, and stating an amount and the name of the lucky gift-getter. The friend will be immediately notified and a lovingly Facebook-branded card will be sent to their residence. The credit can be used immediately, reused and even hold multiple balances for the differing providers — ideal for the times you need fragrances, electronics and … olives. Balances can be monitored direct from your Facebook page or app, even updating and sending notifications when credit is being used.

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Facebook Might Have to Pay You $10

Generally, Facebook is making money off you (or at least trying) by collecting all your info and then parceling it all out for ads. But now the tables have turned, maybe kinda sorta. Thanks to an ongoing class action lawsuit, you may be entitled to up to 10 whole dollars from the social networking giant. Take that, Zuck! In October, Facebook agreed to a settlement about this whole Sponsored Stories issue, wherein they may have used your likeness in a Sponsored Story ad without your permission. The settlement set aside $20 million for you poor, wronged souls, and now Facebook is starting to get ready to pay it out. How do you know if you’re included? Well, if you got a super-legal-y it-almost-looks-like-a-scam email from Facebook about “LEGAL NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF CLASS ACTION,” you’re in.

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